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All the coaches at The Jane Frost Golf Performance Center believe that proper equipment is an integral piece to your improvement as a player. EVERY club needs to be fitted…including the putter! Click here to learn more about the process of club fitting

The JFGPC is certified to fit:

Callaway; Mizuno;Taylor Made& Titleist

Certified Edel Putter and Wedge Fitting Center

U.S. Kids Clubs for Juniors

Bob Quirk is the Master Club Fitter at the Jane Frost Golf Performance Center and is a Top 100 Club Fitter in America. Bob has spent years on the PGA Tour Fitting Golf Clubs and now he is on Cape Cod and available to help you with all of your equipment needs including which manufacturer is right for you.

Bob Quirk Fitting Fee Menu:

Driver Only: $100              (One Hour Appointment)

Irons Only: $100                (One Hour Appointment)

Fairway Woods Only: $100  (One Hour Appointment)

Hybrids Only: $100  ​ (One Hour Appointment)

Wedges Only: $100  (One Hour Appointment)

Driver & Fairway Woods: $100  (One Hour Appointment)

Irons & Wedges: $195  (Two Hour Appointment)

Irons & Hybrids: $195  ​ (Two Hour Appointment)

Driver; Fairway Woods; Hybrid; Irons: $195  (Two Hour Appointment)

Driver; Fairway Woods; Hybrids; Irons; Wedges: $295 (Three Hour Appt)

Driver; Fairway Woods; Hybrids; Irons; Wedges; Edel Putter: $395 (4- Hours)

To book your Club Fitting Session Click Here

NEW in 2016 - Personalized Fitting Days

Here's how they work:

You will be expertly fit by Callaway Club Fitter Chuck Holmes or TaylorMade Club Fitter Dean Simmons and will experience a true Tour-Caliber fitting resulting in a memorable experience for all who participate. All of the fine technology in the new Performance Center will be available to ensure your fit is matched to you.

Click Here for a Schedule and Appointments REQUIRED so please email Jane to reserve your time.

Appointments are 30 minutes each. In that time you can be fit for one category of equipment…i.e Irons; Hybrids; Fairway Woods or Driver. If you want to be fit for more than one category then more time will be booked for you.

There is a nominal fitting fee of $25 per appointment time which is payable via cash or check only AND will be refunded if you purchase any Callaway or Taylor Made golf clubs through the Jane Frost Golf Performance Center in 2016. Clubs can be paid for via cash, check or credit card and trade-ins are welcome.

These appointments will be held rain or shine...courtesy of the Performance Center building!

Questions? Call Jane at 508-367-4030.

U.S. Kids Golf Clubs Fitting Fee: Free when purchased from the Jane Frost Golf Performance Center

Contact Jane Frost , U.S. Kids Certified, to arrange your fitting.

Jane Frost is available for Club Fitting with current clientele only or for Edel Putter & Wedge Fitting. Contact Jane Frost for more information.





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